As you have noticed it has been several days, almost an entire week sense my last blog, for this I apologize. There have been some issues with both my computer and my husbands so I’m currently writing this on my phone. And now that I know I can do that I will have no more issues. Trust me I will be making up my blogs that were missed until I get caught up. And onto the blog!

So I am a teen parent and nothing makes me more mad then seeing posts on Facebook that say “We are so excited to announce we are epecting…(yada yada)…. a beautiful day tomorrow” I honestly don’t like it! I mean why? I guess it’s a little funny but there are people that do this just about everyday and YES IT DOES TRICK ME EVERYTIME! So I’m a little bitter. Obviously it isn’t up there with pregnancy faking because oh man nothing pisses me off more. But to be honest it’s pretty close. I feel like in this Era is just not funny when there are really so many teens in that situation. It’s just too real for some people! I’m not saying I hate people who do it and seeing it like once is kind of like “haha you got me” but everyday! Oh and it isn’t even always about pregnancy there’s once about going to jail, moving away, PEOPLE DYING! 😑😑😑😑

Okay moving on from my rant of the day!

I swear Parker gets smarter and cuter everything. I know I’m biased but he does! He is standing by himself for up to 10 seconds and can pull himself up on anything and I mean anything he can get his hands on!

The only thing he won’t do is sleep. 😑 I literally just spent 2 hours putting him down for a nap and I don’t understand why?  He hates sleeping now. One day he’ll sleep fine and the next not at all. I thought he was teething, but there aren’t any teeth coming in. 
ttp://”>As you can see I try and keep him in sleepers (because he’s adorable) but also because I hope it helps him to feel tired. Spoiler: it doesn’t 😂😂

Other than that I know I have not been very good at keeping up with my marriage goals while the blog has been down and I feel really bad about it. There’s been clean laundry and towels. I just have a hard time not talking to him right when he comes home and remembering to think about what he does do and not what he doesnt. Ugh. I’ll get there!!! Until next time 👋

Bubba Lue,

Please stop growing. Please stop getting big. At least slow down. All over  , Facebook everyone is posting about there brand new babies and I can’t help but wish that I had snuggled you a little more while you were a newborn. 😣 Time really does fly by.


Your Mama

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