First of all, I am disgusted by myself for that. I hate hearing the “new year, new me” phrase, but I think (like every year) that this could be my year. I started this blog as a stay at home mom wanting to build a small extra income and socialize with other mommies out there; then it became too much. In the past year and a half, I had two falling outs with my family, separated from my husband, moved four times, celebrated Parker’s birthday twice, joined a sorority, joined the honors society, started three jobs and still managed to maintain straight A’s. Life is hard, what can I say. You hit a few roadblocks, and you keep on truckin’. Have I wanted to drop out of school? Yes! Have I considered getting a low wage job and living off the government for the rest of my life? Absolutely! But I want SO MUCH MORE out of my life. I swore to everyone that when I got pregnant my senior year of high school that absolutely nothing was going to get in my way in this life. I want to be important and want my child never to need anything that I cannot provide. And no, I am not saying that using any government assistance is wrong! If you need it use it!!!! I just want to leave that money to someone who needs it.

   What does this mean for me now? This blog? Life? My future? Well, a lot. I am still on track to graduate in May of 2019 with an Elementary Education degree. I still want to teach kindergarten-second grade. I still want to continue writing for myself. I have decided I want to start putting out a blog every single Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. I want to have something that I can always be raw and personal too. It is hard to be so isolated a majority of the time, and this is my outlet. Nap time can be lonely. I want us to be in a great place in our future, and that means paying off all this crazy debt I have accumulated and get myself back on my feet. This blog will be all about being real; I’ll share my likes/dislikes, my budget, my meal plans, my homework, Parker’s milestones and everything else in between. If anyone has any blog posts ideas, they would be much appreciated as well! I love to answer questions!

   So finally the title, new year, new me? What does this mean? Well yes, I have new years resolutions and yes, all my two followers, I want you all to keep me accountable (I am talking to you, Krista!). I am a shopper, I work at Kohl’s, and I have just gotten rid of FOUR trash bags worth of stuff I don’t wear (speaking of which if anyone is looking for clothes, I’ve got you)! So my first “new years resolution” is that I cannot buy ANY more clothes unless it is an emergency or a special occasion. My second resolution is NO MORE CREDIT CARDS!!!!!!! I have gotten myself some pretty hefty credit card bills this holiday season, and it is now time to wean it back to a manageable amount. So I will not be using ANY CREDIT CARDS unless it is an absolute emergency for the rest of the year!

   My third resolution is to stop having late fees and overdraft fees! I do not have the means to pay $30+ every single time I forget to budget my money correctly! The fourth resolution is to pay off the debt!!! Like I said, I have A LOT at this point, so this year I am hoping to focus on all the credit cards, then next year focus on the car, and in 2020 when I am out of school it will be focusing on the student loans for a couple of years! This goal is probably my biggest goal, and with a little budgeting magic and a couple of no spend months, I think I can achieve this goal! Then lastly I want to create an emergency fund, I know all my Dave Ramsy lovers are in shock that this is not my first goal. I know, I do, but this credit is eating away at me, and I feel it is necessary to chip it away quickly. In August,  I had the $1,000 emergency fund and had so many “emergencies” that it did not last long. Hopefully, this will prevent me from spending it, especially if all the cards are frozen and hidden. We will see.

   Anyways, thank you for staying tuned into the blog, I know it is a little boring, and also kind of vague, but please follow to stay up to date and for some pleasant reading when you are sitting on your phone at three in the morning (we’ve all been there). Getting to where I want to be physically, mentally, socially, and financially will be a long journey so get ready! Bye!


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