The holidays are such a magical time of the year. Everyone is thinking about their loved ones and all the amazing things they want to buy them. This time of year is full of people selflessly giving to others and loving one another. Well, that is unless you work retail, then everybody hates you. Let me start off by saying that I work at Kohl’s, among a few others jobs, and while it’s still a job and has its ups and downs, most of the time, I love it. The discount is significant, my coworkers are fantastic, and the store itself is an excellent work environment. Until the holidays that is. This time of year is when the influx of lazy holiday workers rise from their miscellaneous sofas and decide to earn some money. These are the workers that have a tough time keeping a job. These are the workers that have to be reminded that they have to smoke outside and cannot steal from the store because surprise, surprise this seems to not be common knowledge. The worst of it was that, because I’ve been there so long, twenty-three of these new holiday workers this season, a combination of the good and awful, were all trained by me. Yes, I spent ten-fifteen hours a week teaching everyone from your sweet grandfather, who just retired, to the kid that sits next to you in math that sells drugs in the hallway. Now, of course, they weren’t all bad. I mean, I made a few terrific friends this holiday season with some of the seasonal employees, but only a few.

   So now that everyone has the background knowledge of the stunning ratio of veterans to new employees, now picture this: a woman comes up to the register next to you with a guy on his first day and demands that he takes her five coupons. Not just asking but full force requiring as if he makes the rules here at our fancy little Kohl’s. Apparently, the CEO is an eighteen-year-old high schooler with a peach fuse stash, if it wasn’t obvious already. Then I, of course, have to interject myself into the conversation before the poor guy starts hyperventilating. So you see, I am twenty, almost twenty-one, and I understand that I look no older than sixteen. I have come to accept this fact openly. But imagine me trying to explain to a customer that we cannot take their five coupons because they are all the same percentage off and we can only apply one. (I am planning on making a blog post about how Kohl’s coupons work soon, if anyone is interested leave a comment). This does not sit right with the customer, of course, and she needs to see a manager. Well interestingly enough our big ole manager comes over just to say the same thing we already explained to her fifteen times. But trust me she listens to him. OR KOHL’S CASH! Do not get me started on Kohl’s cash!!!! I am not kidding when I say that I can point out on the back of the Kohl’s cash any part of the exclusions and terms that the customer is wholeheartedly wanting to fight me on.

   Then lastly, the worst part about retail. Worse than seasonal employees. Worse than angry customers. The Mess. I swear it’s as if people were raised in cages. I have worked at Kohl’s a while and spend a lot of time transferring to different departments as the managers see fit. I have spent entire eight hour days folding ONE men’s graphic tees table, it is a huge table, but still EIGHT HOURS. I told my manager when I was finished that I would have to avoid that area of the store for a couple of days. Of course, that didn’t happen, and the very next day those graphic tees were in large piles on the floor, thrown over the display, and crumbled up and stuffed back into the shelf. And this was all over the store, people were destroying our store with no care in the world, and then leaving us bad reviews because of the mess. The nerve of some people. We even had people who were peeing on clothes in the dressing room (this was Christmas 2016 but still disgusting).

   This season was my second time around for the holidays at Kohl’s. I have never been anywhere else, retail-wise, for the holidays, and I hope after college to never have to. I love working at Kohl’s, I do, it is a fantastic place to work. But am I happy that the holidays are over? YES, I AM!!! I have one more year of Christmas at Kohl’s, and then hopefully I will be spending two weeks relaxing from my first year of kindergarteners, and that gives me so much hope.

   Just remember that yes, it is retail workers job to pick up and fold clothes. Yes, it is their job to make your shopping experience great. But just know that they are still people during the holidays too. Their feelings get hurt, and they get tired and frustrated too. If you have never worked retail then you need to, you should. I genuinely believe that everyone should work in fast food and retail at least one time so that people in this society know what it is like and will break this cycle.

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