My name is Hilary Nicodemus, and I am a very dedicated mother and student. I pride myself on having a very energetic and smart two-year-old, Parker. I am twenty (almost twenty-one) year old, so yes I had my son pretty young. Having him slowed me down a little, but it has not stopped me from achieving my goals in this life. I am recently divorced from my husband who has become my best friend as we happily raise our son together. But it was not always like that we had a tough time coming together for him at first. But that is a story for another time.

   I like to keep myself very active! I am in the sorority Alpha Sigma Tau and has almost two dozen amazing sisters. I volunteer in the community often through this outlet, which led me to join the Honors Society on my campus. I am also an avid theater participant and am trying to do at least one musical a year; this year is My Fair Lady. I have met several very amazing and inspiring people through my theater journey and strive to have the talents and personalities of my fellow thespians. I, unfortunately, being in college, do not make a lot of money, so I work three jobs, I am a substitute teacher, a soccer coach, and a cashier at Kohls. 

   I am a senior at Indiana University South Bend, majoring in Elementary Education with minors in English and Psychology. My dream is to be a kindergarten-second grade teacher. I would also love to be a theater director, dance coach, or choreographer at the middle school, or high level in whatever school system I end up in. 

   Finally, what is my primary purpose for this blog? Well, I am a young mother, a college student, a divorcee, a more budget, a worker, a sister, a friend, and much more. I believe that I have a wide range of people I can reach and help, even just a little bit. I know especially with being a young mother and a college student at the same time. My first semester I took three finals while in labor. I went back to school when Parker was two weeks old. I felt alone and sad and scared. If I had had one person to look up to, one person to admire, or ask for help I feel like it would not have been so hard.

   So please stay, read, like, comment, subscribe! Everyone is welcome! Enjoy!

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